Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: a timeline of the past year

I am not your typical jaw-surgery-having blogger. By that I mean that, unlike most of my orthognathic patient peers, I haven't been posting for the many months leading up to my surgery. As I mentioned before, it's been almost exactly one year since this journey to fixing my jaw really began, and obviously a lot has happened in those twelve months pertaining to this upcoming surgery of mine. So bare with my as I catch you up and give a general timeline of how I arrived here, one week pre-op.


February: Got engaged to the love of my life. Realized that if I was going to get this surgery, it had to be in the next year, so as not to burden him with medical expenses and to look like my future-self in wedding photos.

March: Was put back on my family's insurance plan. Met with a family friend with an orthognathic background who confirmed I needed the surgery and referred me to maxillofacial surgeons in my area.

April: Had a consultation with one of the maxillofacial surgeons that Mr. Family Friend recommended, who began working on my treatment options/plans by taking molds. His office began working on the insurance side of things.

May: Found an orthodontist, Dr. Rudolph Meyer, who ordered x-rays & photos and began working with the surgeon; together they decided upper jaw would be the best option and drew out rough surgical plans. Braces put on at the end of the month.

June: Letter sent to insurance asking for coverage for the surgery.

July-August: Five weeks in China, trying to eat with chopsticks and braces led to losing 10 pounds. Then vacation back in the states with family, gaining all the weight back. No real progress with my orthognathic process.

September: Insurance company declined the request to cover my surgery. Surgeon's office writes and sends an appeal.

October: Second denial from the insurance company received. Resorted to getting a second opinion with another surgeon and, therefore, met with Dr. Gary Wyatt, who I felt much better about and who ordered updated xrays/photographs and began working on letter to insurance company.

November/December: Officially made the switch to Dr. Wyatt as my surgeon. Insurance letter sent, fingers crossed, holidays celebrated.

January: Insurance finally accepted! Surgery date set for March 5th. Projections of my potential future face made and surgical plan decided on: maxilliary trisection & impaction with chin advancement.

February: Lots of orthodontist, surgeon, and hospital appointments. Donated blood to myself (precautionary surgical measure), surgical splint molds taken, screened by Hoag for pre-op (EKG, chest x-ray, and blood panel), surgical brackets/hooks put on, etc.

And now, here we are—almost to March, and almost to the big day! I'll keep posting as I continue prepping for next week, giving you all as much info and/or advice as I can in just six days...

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