Saturday, June 22, 2013

I scratched my chin today...

...and felt it! For the first time since the surgery, I'm starting to get sensation back in the left side of my chin. This is the last area of my face to regain feeling, and while it's not 100% back to normal, it's encouraging. Other areas (mostly my lips) still tingle to the touch. As for the inside of my mouth, the roof is slowly getting better and my bottom gums have spots of sensation—some areas I can feel, others I can't—but my top gums are still completely numb. I'll let you know if those nerves ever decide to wake up.

At the very beginning of my recovery, I would constantly panic about whether I would regain feeling in the areas that had gone numb, which at the time was most of my face. I did some research and read somewhere that 70% of those who undergo orthognathic surgery get full feeling back, while 30% are left with complete or partial numbness. I used to feel dejectedly as if I'd fall into the 30%, but as time goes on I have hope that I'll join the 70%. So if you're in the early phases of recuperation and find yourself feeling discouraged too, remember that the odds are "ever in your favor" and the majority of us will have full feeling once again. Someday you too might scratch your chin and feel it.


  1. Just came across your blog, and wanted to say you look amazing! I am scheduled to have surgery July 16th, and I am getting extremely nervous so I have been checking out blogs so I can remind myself that it won't be all bad : ) Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with all of us!

  2. Hi Allison. You look great! You have had a really good result! What did you have done to your jaws? Did you have both upper and lower jaws moved or just the upper? I am about to undergo surgery next month and they have told me that I will be having my top jaw moved upwards and my chin moved forwards. I was always told that I would need my lower jaw moving forwards but now it seems to have changed and I am not sure why. I am worried that by having my chin moved forwards I will end up with a 'pointy' chin. Did you have your chin moved at all? Thanks a lot for posting on your blog, it has been a big help! Becky x