Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Date Day

It was day 20 post-op, and in celebration of the halfway point of my recovery (kind of...) and just because he loves me, Nathan took me out for a date day yesterday. We went to the park where we got engaged, played with some animals at the Orange County Zoo, and strolled along the ocean at Laguna Beach where I ate soup out of a spoon at a restaurant and had gelato for desert, again, with a spoon...in public! Even though my energy was low, my spirits were high as I spent the whole day with the person I love most in the world while doing normal-people-things—that is, if you consider befriending goats normal.

the park where we got engaged // standing in the exact spot where he asked & i said yes
my date for the day. lucky me.

made a new goat friend, nbd
egg drop soup and mint chip & cookies 'n' cream gelato (or at least it was).
note: no syringe necessary!

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