Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

 He is risen! The best holiday of the year was today—the one where we get to celebrate that Jesus is alive and death has been defeated; there is nothing greater to celebrate than that! It was my first holiday since the surgery, and it was a success...all things considered. Yesterday Nathan and I went to an Easter event our church was a part of, where Francis Chan spoke and Tyrone Wells sang, and when those two things happen in one place, it's magical. However, my over-sensitive post-op self was only able to stay for an hour and a half before a bad headache set in and prompted us to go. And sure, today I wasn't able to eat the array of food at my in-laws and my stamina is pretty low, but I was still able to have a good time surrounded by people I really like, getting in on all the fun Eastery things like Easter egg hunts, Easter basket goodies, and Easter egg decorating. All that to say, I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating a holiday without even having to think of the surgery's symptoms—here's looking at you, Independence Day!


  1. Aww well at least you got to enjoy some of Easter. I know how you feel about those headaches I will be 7wks post up tomorrow and I still have them bad. Hey can you close your mouth naturally yet? I still cant. O and still have no feelings in my chin or bottom lip or roof/gums of mouth smh.I too cant wait to put all of this surgery behind me and be back to 100% me lol. TTYL

    1. Hey Kristie! Congrats on making it to the 7 week mark! I take it you can chew now—oh how I miss those days, haha. My chin is still numb, as are my upper lips, but this week I got a lot of feeling back. Have you gotten the itchy tingling sensations in your face? They're awful, but wonderful at the same time, 'cause it means the nerves are finally waking up–yay! I can close my mouth naturally now; it's such a strange thing that I've never been able to do before. When I'm completely at rest, they don't touch but come very close. I'm sure as your swelling keeps going down they'll get closer and closer. Good luck as your recovery continues!

    2. Hey chick bottom lip gets fire burn feeling here and there and my chin gets that awful itch too I cant get to lol. Im still waiting for my lips to close bk naturally though lol yep im chewing but still nervous lol