Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Can Eat!

Life is good. I feel great. And I'm able to eat now!
After 40 days of consuming soup, smoothies, and more soup I'm saying good riddance to the blender and HELLO to my long lost friend, the fork. I got the go-ahead from my surgeon yesterday to chew to my heart's content, so long as it's soft foods only and I don't bite anything with my front teeth (e.g. sandwiches, pizza, tacos). Halleluja. Here's a look at my first real meal in a month and a half—oh, and that face on the right is the look of pure joy that only solid food can bring your taste buds and belly.:
 I will say, though, that thanks to the liquid diet I lost twelve pounds, and I plan on keeping them off (which will be extremely difficult now that I can eat alfredo pasta and double-doubles from In-n-Out...yes, I've consumed both already). Plus, I learned that I can live off of small portions of blended fruit and veggies just fine, no matter how much I feel like I need a heaping pile of bread to survive sometimes. So, it wasn' 100% bad...maybe just 99.9%

Anyways, food is just as wonderful as I remember it to be. I'm happy. The end.

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