Monday, April 15, 2013

Six Weeks, Six Meals

At the beginning of the week, most people make a to-do list, but for me, the beginning of this week comes with something a little different: a to-eat list. Since the surgery, I've been stuck on an almost entirely liquid diet, and for the first time in over 40 days I'm about to eat my food again rather than drink it. My sweet, adoring, wonderful fiance told me to make a list of six places I want to eat to make up for the six weeks of meals I've missed out on. Over the next week, we'll hit up each spot to indulge my unsatisfied belly and under-stimulated taste buds. So, here it is—my to-eat list.

1. In 'n' Out.
A few days into recovery, I had a sudden and intense craving for In 'n' Out. And once a craving for a double-double kicks in, trust me, you can't shake it. Over the past six weeks, I haven't wanted to eat anything more often or with more vigor than a hamburger with gooey cheese and grilled onions. I probably won't be able to open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger normally, but at this point I would eat it any way except for out of a blender.

2. California Pizza Kitchen.
Normally at CPK, I'd get a BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad (seriously, there's is the best I've ever had). But since I've gotta stick to soft foods at first, I'll dive into a childhood favorite of mine, something I still order off the kids' menu to this day: their Fusilli Alfredo. (Also a side order of the chicken dumplings would be great).

3. Chipotle.
I might have to go with a quesadilla AND a burrito bowl at this stop, just because both sound so good! Shredded carnitas, cilantro-lime rice & black beans, zesty corn salsa, cheese (obviously), and maybe an itty bitty bit of lettuce—so many yummy ingredients that belong in my belly.

4. Chick-fil-a.
I'm actually not a raving Chick-fil-a fanatic like a lot of people who live around here. But I do really enjoy it, and if you're noticing a theme here, I'd really just like some protein! Meat in any and every form (except pureed) sounds drop-dead delicious at this point, and if I'm going to eat chicken nuggets, they're gonna be from here. Add some honey mustard dipping sauce and I might cry with tears of protein-induced joy.

5. Rubio's.
This was another craving I had early on into the recovery: a classic fish taco. Theirs are breaded to perfection and definitely soft enough for me to sink my teeth into. Plus, I can't wait to actually bite something! Before the surgery I was never able use my front teeth to make a clean bite into anything—sandwiches, pizza, tacos. So hopefully I'll be able stretch my mandibles around a few of these.

6. PF Changs.
I'm not even sure what' I'll get from this restaurant, I just know that I'd really like to eat some good Chinese food that isn't egg drop soup. I think this is mostly because I have a deep, deep love for white rice and have missed it dearly. Any main dish will do, so long as that starchy white carb makes it into my belly.

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